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Coral Frags-Manchester

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Hi Guys,
I'm a relatively new starter in greater Manchester.
If anyone has any kind of frags to help my little starter project I would be greatful if you could get in touch. I have nothing to trade but a few £ and some pom poms xenia to compensate.
Currently have a 25gallon nano(6months established). Live rock and internal filter.
Pom pom Xenia frag, green zoa frag.
2 ocelaris clowns,  1 domino damsel.
Fluval aquasky.

Please feel free to contact with anything cool!



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Yo dude. I'm not in Manchester but not a million miles away. I'm in Cheshire, well CW7 area. I'd happily sponsor you some bits if you want some birds nest, limeberry hystrix or some different zoas. I need make some room so not really too fussed in charging for them

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