When should I get a purple tang

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When’s the right time to add a purple tang? Won’t be going straight into display will go through qt first ? Should it be added after the rest of the stock how long should the system Have been running etc?

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Depends on the size of the tank.  Have a read here:

You're looking at around 450L+  for a suitable tank.  In terms of when to add it - as they can be very aggressive, it's normal to add it last (or close to).  It depends on what else you're planning to have in there.  For example, if you add tangs of the same shape, you need to add them all at the same time to reduce the chances of fighting.
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I wouldn't put one in if I was you. I had a very happy tank with one of my nicest fish being a copperband butterfly. Just a really nice natured fish till I put a tiny purple tang and a cole tang in. Once the purple got to the size of the copperband or close to he beat it to death. I watched him pin it to my powerhead and repeatedly slice it. Wasn't fun, I rescued the poor little guy but was too late, he was dead in the sumo the next morning. And he will not be caught either. Clever little assassin he is..... obviously they aren't all like that but it really upset the balance. Now I have aptasia problem again

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