Problem with Yellow tang

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hi I have a problem with my yellow tang he has some markings and has not been himself, he keeps going off his food I have uploaded a pic as I think he has hlle but not 100% if it could be anything else. If anyone has any advice would be much appreciated.


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Yes, looks like HLLE to me.  Read up here:
Marine Head & Lateral Line Erosion: A Description of the Syndrome and a Review of its Speculated Causes by Steven Pro -

After all this, I guess I should go out on a limb and give my opinion as to the cause of this syndrome. Well, I am going to go a bit farther than that. I am going to say conclusively, once and for all, what causes this condition. Are you ready? Here goes… captivity. Yes, captivity causes MHLLE. I say that jokingly, but there is also some truth in this statement. As I said previously, MHLLE has not been seen on wild fish on the reefs (Blasiola, 1990). We therefore deduce that it is obviously something we, collectively as hobbyists, are doing or not providing for our aquatic pets that causes this ailment. What exactly that is will require further scientific experimentation to definitively prove. Until then, I agree with the broad recommendations of Terry Bartelme: reduce stress, improve nutritional regime, add vitamins and HUFA supplements to the diet, enhance water quality and also try beta glucan and garlic. Those same things have almost always worked for me when I have had an occurrence of MHLLE in the fish I care for, and hopefully they will work for you.

And here:
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