Mixing tangs

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I have a 6ft tank and at the moment I have a yellow & a Poweder Blue both get on great together and are more often than not swimming together . Could I add any other Types of Tangs ?


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It can be done , but will depend on the nature of fish you have and fish to add , PB's can be quite aggressively territorial , as with yellows .
I started with a orange striped bristletooth followed by a purple tang who were then in for around 9 month before I decided to add more , I've since added a yellow and a PB . Each took 3-4 days to settle properly and hold their own before being accepted to swim around together .
Tangs to add must be in good health and be of suitable size , feeding well etc .
The advantage I had is that my tangs dont rule the tank , I have a bluethroat trigger that will only put up with so much darting about before putting all back in their place .



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I also have a foxface, clowns &  Cardinals. Then 3 damsels that where going to be flushed by someone. Watching them there is no aggression in the tank at all other than the damsels occasionally chase each other and the female clown protects her Nem


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Please post photos of your tank :)


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As said, you could add more tangs, but be carefull about the shapre/species you choose.  Be prepared to have to save one or more.  I've heard about a method where you add the new one to the sump so the others can 'smell' it before it gets introduced a day or so later.  Might be worth a try.  Certainly a good idea to get a bigger one that can hold its own.
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I have a big sailfin, big purple and medium yellow. It was quite interesting to watch the sailfin and purple flare at each other trying to show  dominance for a few days. Now they just ignore each other.


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