Recommend a hard coral for a newbie

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Personally i'd just be happy that the xenia isn't growing  :grin:

Oh I love my xenia (and GSP) - they are my fave corals because of the movement in them - hope I don't lose mine when I sort my nitrate and phosphate issue (if I ever do)!


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If you want hard corals, you really do need all the main test kits. So, in addition to testing SG, pH, Ammonia, Nitrite and Nitrate, you will need Phosphate, Calcium, Alkalinity and Magnesium.

LPS tend to be hardier than SPS, so I'd start with one or two of those.  Duncan's are a good call.  Trachyphyllia, Acans, Euphyllia (Hammer, Torch, Frogspawn), Candy canes/Trumpets, also all have a good rep.

You need decent lighting, and LPS tend not to like strong flow (they can get torn, and will die if they do).  You need to be gentle handling them too.  Their soft tissue will easily get damaged against their hard/sharp skeleton if it get pressed or knocked.
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Can you tell me which test kits are good probably buy a master test kit if possible.


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Salifert is what I use except for phosphate I use elos for that.


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