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How to you encourage Montipora digitata to branch more

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As the subject suggests, I have 2 monti digi and both have branched once near the base, chunked up and put on vertical growth but have not branched again. The red monti digi now has one stem that is about 3.5 inches without any branches and is looking a bit lanky! I have 2 rainbow birdsnest frags at the same level which are branching happily under the same conditions.

Any advice on how to encourage more branching would be great. They are getting strong variable flow but wonder if they are climbing for more light before branching out?


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Hi mate,

I have found with SPS, they’re just like plants, if you don’t like the leggy growths , just cut it and they will put on lots of new growths around the cut.



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Thanks Hai, will give it a try.


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