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I am about to start running a shallow reef setup that will predominatly contain high end zoas, in a large garden type idea. I am considering in the future using a triton or similar routine but am keen to use a controller in an attempt to minimise loss.

I am aware of abilities such as auto top-up warnings, skimmer cup warnings but I would also like to be able to monitor salinity, temperature, pH, alkalinity, and even mag, calcium etc too. I am not fussy about lights being linked.

I am leaning towards a ghl controller, but have no idea where to start.

Are there any similar devices? Or would you recommend a ghl?


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Hi Claire,

Haven't owned either the Apex or GHL systems, but I know people with both and they like them.

What leads me to the GHL is the KH and Ion DIrectors.  AFAIK there is nothing like the Ion director for the Apex yet.