Waving xenia literally falling apart

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Hi everyone, I have a waving xenia which was growing well over 3 months. It expanded and grew and waved and did all the things it should do. I went away for 4 days during the hot weather and when I came back the xenia was limp and lifeless. It did not improve over a week so I went to my LFS who said he had the same problem with his xenia due to the heat. The weather has cooled since and the xenia has got worse. A couple of stalks grew a blister type form around it and another part of it went grey. I decided to cut off the worse parts and when I put my hand into the tank and touched the xenia it literally fell apart. So now I have cut it and only kept one stalk which still looks on the way out.
I also have a feather duster worm which is thriving so I am really not sure what to do as the easy to look after coral is dying and the hard one is thriving.
On a side note my female clown is battering my male so I have had to separate them.
Not having a good time with the tank!
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Xenia is weird. In some tanks it takes over no matter what people try to do to kill it off. In others, it just won't grow. You're not alone. Feather dusters are relatively hardy - many survive on liverock which is often out of water for long periods whilst shipped across the world.
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