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Hi all,

New to reef keeping and after cycling my tank for about 6 weeks and added a pair of clowns, turbo’s and hermits I purchased my firs soft coral frag. The shop keeper said nothing regarding the palytoxin that could be present and after doing some reading I was just wondering how serious the risk is.

The picture below is what I bought( a button polyp) I think.

Is this the type that carry the palytoxin and if so, what would be your advice regarding safety?

Many thanks in advance


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you might want to read up from this, i have got them in my tank and had no problems with them. see my pictures in my for sale post.  i got some frags for sale


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Just ask for advice if you ever consider fragging them (chopping them into smaller colonies once they've spread).

Zoas are great. Don't be put off.



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