Newbie question - do Zoa's reach for light

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I've got a frag in my tank that has a pulsing xania and zoa on it.  It's my first piece of coral and I got it about a month ago.

The pulsing Xenia is doing well, I can see new "hands" growing and I love how it looks.  The Zoa's are also doing well, their overall diameter has increased and I think I've got some new heads that have appeared since I introduced it to my tank.

My question is, do corals reach for light like plants in the garden do?  I'm not really a gardener but I do know plants will become leggy if they don't get enough light.

When I look at my Zoa's, I feel like they would prefer more light because of how some of the heads seem to be reaching out...

They are currently in the middle of the tank.  I know you going to ask about the light I have but I've got no idea how to answer any of those questions.

I got it second hand (no manual) and seems to keep my anemone happy.  It can be programmed and I'm currently ramping it to around 80% and then bringing it back down again daily.

All water parameters are normal for a mixed reef except nitrates which are at 20....

Attached are a couple of pics.  The lights are on blue mode so please excuse the quality of the pics.



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Yes that could do with elevating in the tank. Some Zoas are taller than others but your stalks are stretching. You are correct on plants and these corals.

When they're in "good" light the Zoas grow thickly up against each other

The Xenia will be fine at high light, low light, no light, immersed in bleach. Unless you're one of those lucky people that cant keep it. Will your LFS trade frags? Ask now.


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Thanks for the response.  I've increased my lighting (they were only at 80% max during the day) and that seems to have sorted them.

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