Moving riccordea yumas

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Hi, My mature orange/lilac ric yuma has been having lots of babies. I count at least 6 but could be more. (Pics taken just after lights on so the mummy yuma hasn’t expanded over some of the babie yet)

They are all crowding each other as they start to grow and I wondered if it’s possible to safely move them or wherther it would damage them to try and take them off the rock. I know they have a foot like a nem and should be able to move into space but I don’t know if they are capable of moving away from each other while they are so small.

I would also eventually like to make this lower rock work a riccordea carpet. All mixed greens, blues and oranges not all clumps of each colour which would require moving and mixing up the colours as they multiply.

Any advice or personal experience would be greatly appreciated.



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You should be fine to peel them off. They'll let go if they're not happy.
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