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How to control Pulse Polyps

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I am new here (and have never posted anything in any forum before) so please excuse me if I get stuff a bit wrong. My reef tank has been going since March 2016 and is generally doing really well. My current problem is that I have Pulse Polyps spreading everywhere. I will post a photo when I can work out how to, but essentially they tend to over-run everything, crowding out anything less prominent. In desperation I asked at the local shop and ended coming away with a small Black Backed Butterfly fish. Inevitably it is eating a couple of the other soft corals and one of my Acropora (I think it is). I am not too worried about the soft corals because they are pretty rampant too, but I don't want to lose any of the stony corals (which are also growing well, but not as vigorously as the softies).  My question is does anyone have any experience of controlling Pulse Polyps with any type of Angel or Butterfly fish? I am not expecting to find anything which eats just the Pulse, but I hope it might appeal to something. I trim the Pulse around the edges of the Montipora but it is difficult to keep it at bay. I had intended to let everything fight it out and see where it ended up, but that does not seem to be working. Any ideas please??


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Hi I was going to suggest Kalk paste until I saw the picture I think the best way is to try to remove the rocks you can and either clean and recure it, or replace the rock, then Kalk paste on the rest.



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Hi, thanks, I really don't want to dismantle the tank and I have probably left it too long for the paste to be a great option. I might experiment with partitioning off part of the sump with my butterfly fish in it and specifically feeding it mostly pulse polyps for a while. Maybe it would then develop a taste for the things. Maybe pigs might fly! I do suspect that food preferences are an acquired habit (in all species, humans included!)