Can the same species be placed together?

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Hi everyone I'm just wondering something, I have some gsp on a rock and I am about t get another frag of this if I was to put this new gsp on the same rock, eventually they will grow into each other so I was wondering if it's the same species would they just join and become one big colony or would they fight for their own space? Thanks in advance



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I would think that they would try and compete with each other, I don't think fight would be the right word. They'll try and mat over each other, there is a type from the carribbean that encrusts only on gorgonians...

Would be interesting



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Thanks mate I wasn't sure myself how it would turn out, I think I'll just play it safe and put it on the back wall of the evo, I'd love to cover it with fast growing gsp


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This is a very good question to ask and I agree with what Ratvan is saying ,their are some species that will do fine ,
What exactly Is the name of what you have , some species can be ok with other species but is always good to find out in advance ,


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