Advice on leather coral

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I’m new to marines. Tank finished cycling and have added one zoa frag and one mushroom which have been doing fine. Bought a largish leather coral yesterday (looked like a green finger coral) and drop acclimatised for 30 mins. It won’t come out and I’m concerned it’s not okay. Can anyone clarify by looking at this image? Or any suggestions on what to do to make it happier?

My tank parameters are all 0 except nitrate at  5-10. Salinity is at 1.025
I don’t have any test kits for calcium etc. I will only be keeping softies


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Don't worry leather corals have a habit of sulking for sometimes even weeks.. I had one turn white and I nearly chucked it out but gave it time and it fully recovered. What yours is doing is completely normal.. Only dying if they start to fall apart



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Thanks so much for the reply.
That’s put my mind at rest a bit! It seemed healthy enough as in the evening when the blue lights are on you can see all of its tiny circular luminous green polyps on the stalks it’s just not extending at all, which was making me nervous.

Any ideas for helping the sulking along or is it just time and leave it be?


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Leave it be. You will find this happens when you keep corals. They “sulk” for days, some even weeks. As long as your water is spot on you will be fine. As you are probably aware softies are more tolerant of conditions as opposed to SPS.
On a side note of you are thinking of Mushroom’s be very.. very careful, before you know it they will have taken over your tank. Another to be wary of Xenia .. looks great excerpt it’s like Japanese knotweed ( maybe not that bad, but you get my point)



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