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Some of my favourite photos from my first year in the hobby

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I put together a few photos from my first year in the hobby - hopefully picking ones that will be of mild interest to you all here!!

First one is simply some nice fish photos - the tiny eviota goby might be a new one to some people (top right)

Secondly, I’ve tried to get some fascinating inverts - in some ways I find them more interesting than the fish!! - clockwise starting in the top lest are Money Cowrie, my pale yellow bubble tip anemone a with a sexy anemone shrimp, a tiny dove snail, and finally a boxer/Pom Pom crab

Third, some of my macroalgae - again starting top left and going clockwise are; a rare Halymenia Maculata which has a purpley blue flourescence, Caulerpa peltata dwarf racemosa which is another rare one - kind of like a micro green grape that clambers over rockwork with small shoots (and love to go sexual constantly!!), Caulerpa Taxifolia (just cos I like it’s furn-yness and the way it send out two shoots from the point where you trim it which I just find interesting!), and Botryocladia or red grape which is another favourite and again I find it fascinating that in high light it goes lighter in colour (you can see the colour gradation in the photo).
Bossed freshwater planted tanks so making the move...



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Here is the progress with my macroalgae pico tank over the year. Quite proud of this tank - more so than my reef tank for which I’m not sharing photos of at the moment - soon as I get happy with it I will do though.
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Bossed freshwater planted tanks so making the move...


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It looks brilliant, i love it!
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Looks absolutely fantastic…. Would love macro algae in mine but Mr Kole Tang would have an expensive field day. Excellent pics!

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