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My new tank and additions

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@Mike can you turn my pictures pretty please. As I'm being special and can't figure it out  lol


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Re. upside down pics.  Try turning your camera around the other way.  I found that if I turned mine horizontally with the volume buttons (on the right as you'd hold it vertically) to the bottom, pics upload upside down, but if I turn the vol buttons to the top edge, they upload fine.  Something to do with the code embedded in the image, which your phone deals with no problem, but web pages can't.

Give it a go.


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They appear the right way on my phone, it's once I upload them. Will give it a try later  lol


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Yeah as said, it's the orientation EXIF attribute. Your phone reads and obeys this, but the web doesn't. Sites that don't have an issue with it are stripping that EXIF data, but the forum platform doesn't. I've been meaning to add code to strip that out but not gotten around to it yet. I'll try to get onto it soon.
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