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Robots are trained to help revive coral reefs

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Ms Foster has formed a start-up firm called Coralmaker and hopes that a partnership with San Francisco-based engineering software firm Autodesk will accelerate the process further.

Their researchers have been training an artificial intelligence to control collaborative robots (cobots), which work closely alongside humans.

"Some of these processes in coral propagation are just repetitive pick and place tasks, and they're ideally suited to robotic automation," says Ms Foster

A robotic arm can graft or glue coral fragments to the seed plugs. Another places them in the base, using vision systems to make decisions about how to grab it.

"Every piece of coral is different, even within the same species, so the robots need to recognise coral fragments and how to handle them," says Nic Carey, senior principal research scientist at Autodesk.

"So far, they're very good at handling the variability in coral shapes."
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Autodesk makes Fusion 360, one of the best CAD software out there. They also make Tinkercad, a really basic free online CAD software that’s got an extremely low learning curve, but is also pretty limited as a result.

I don’t use the manufacturing areas of Fusion, but you can plot out the entire tool paths of CNC machines and robotic arms etc so I guess that’s where they come into this.
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