Next Threshold: Sexual Culture of Aquarium Corals

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We may be conjuring a vision, but there seems to be something in the air these days in the reefkeeping world. A moment of big change may soon be upon us, in this case, something that could hardly have been imagined not so long ago. Major milestones in the past have been the discovery that live rock and natural biofiltration could increase success with marine aquariums; the advent of amazing propellor pumps to bring previously unheard-of water flow and even waves to boxes of water; the arrival of proper-spectrum lighting mimicking the quality and intensity of tropical sunlight; historic breakthroughs in reef fish breeding, including rare “Holy Grail” angelfishes; and the explosion in stony coral cloning and a shift to stocking a captive reef with frags and maricultured or aquacultured small colonies.
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