In Pictures: Marine life off the coast of Scotland.

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Here's a group of pictures of coldwater marines, which are often overlooked.

Being from deeper water, with less sunlight they lack the colour of tropical marines, but they need protective legislation just the same... Here, apparently Scottish government is "asking for public opinion" on whether or not to declare several sites "protected areas".
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Those are Items I would be happy to have in a tank!
the thing that puts me off from having a "native tank" is my ability to collect. I don't have any!! we do have some lovely creatures and corals around our coast.
a few weeks ago, some caught a 6' MAKO shark of the coast of milford haven!
I might be back....

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Theirs tons of animals we'd happily keep in UK waters. I've seen lots around Scotland but I think I've seen some of the best ones around the south of Ireland and west of England/Wales areas. Theirs anemones, different fancy stars, hermits, feather dusters, corals, the list goes on and theirs plenty of nice looking colourful ones too. It surprises me that they're not collected a lot but theirs also problems in the waters with so many boats travelling through them and trawlers are destroying them every day, it's only quite recently that it's all been noticed and the effects have been noticed, I think a lot of places are trying to get stricter laws to save them but I doubt they're going to get very far, the boating/fishing community are going to be much bigger than the people studying these animals and by the time they have solid proof and then work at creating laws to protect them I expect the damage will be done and that's even if they're capable of doing anything.

If I remember right the best place is south of Ireland where theirs a few little islands, one of which has the worlds population of a certain bird which uses only that island. It's full of steep cliffs and unexplorable by foot but all the bird poo covering the cliffs washes down into the sea filling the waters around it with tons of nutrients giving life to a massive amount of sea creatures.
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