Do people eat Tangs?

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I've hoped not, but wondered if in tropical climates, people catch and eat Tangs.

I'd dismissed it as I didn't want to think about it, but at conclusion I'd guessed maybe a solitary fisherman with a spear might catch one or two for his family's dinner, but you always imagine the dull boring fish being the ones caught for food... Where the colourful reef fish like Tangs, Angelfish, Butterflyfish and Parrotfish, etc are worth far too much to the aquarium trade to waste them in eating.

I saw this:

Which shows that they're actually caught a lot, there's Clown Tangs, Naso Tangs, allsorts.  :cry:

(If you're wondering why the Naso Tang is black, that's the colour they go when pissed off  :cry:)


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The guys catching them for the aquarium trade, probably get peanuts for them, so I imagine it's all the same to them.  Would be down to whether they taste ok or not.
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That would be one expensive fish and chips if it was bought over here. A fare few quids worth of fish in those bags !!! such a shame !!


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