Where is everyone?

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I am in the process of breaking down and selling off tanks and equipment, will try and check in every now and again

You leaving the hobby or just having a clear out?


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You leaving the hobby or just having a clear out?

International relocation, so a temporary break while I pack up and start new


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You do have to do work on Harleys ,them being some what agricultural  in reliability  *D sorry hun just teasing. No this was a Triumph forum. Garry had basically rebuilt a Speedmaster top to bottom , ss siamese pipes, paint job , brakes steering damper , seats, we still have a big bore kit and a set of  Kehein  smooth bore carbs . Sadly now the bike is dead they just collect dust along with  two draws full of spares.
Got lots of pictures on the desktop ,must fight my way on it...hes always playing Assassins Creed ...and post some. I think I might have forgotten how to use windows lol.

The speedmaster was a great bike line :) would love to see the work. 10 years back i stripped and rebuild a Rocket3 very rewarding to do..


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