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Think most of you know mine , Dave , Animal .
 Got my nickname because I used to be a drummer in a band few years back now , we played at a fancy dress live gig , so naturally I dressed up as animal from muppets and it stuck ,


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For those that have read my last posts to Lee Jon, they'll know my name is Julian.
When I was a kid people called me Jew, Jewbag,(antisemitism isn't new, ironically my father's mother was Jewish, so those really weren't hurtful to me, though the name callers thought they were), Julie, Julie-ann etc.
So as a kid I was always looking for a decent knickname but nothing I thought of stuck. It was only as an adult that I became a plumber and at last I had an opportunity to call myself Jules. In fact the vast majority of people now know me as Jules, so legally it's actually my real name.
Roundels are on my aircraft (model aircraft) and semiroundel or semmyroundel are names I use on forums as a derivation of that. The words don't actually exist in real life, so you can imagine my surprise when I registered to a forum only to find my fictitious name was already taken!


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