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The time has come and I have shut down my marine tank, my LFS was very supportive and was able to take back my fish and corals.  It's sooner than I would have liked but tank troubles forced my hand.  I will be selling my my equipment off so will post up if allowed.
Thank you to everyone for the advice over the past few years and I hope you all continue to have fun with your reefs.

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Sorry to hear that @NickNackUk
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I can’t say we’ve had much interaction since you’ve been here, but that’s because I’m not actively in the hobby at the minute, but it’s sad when anyone leaves the hobby. Of course you’re welcome to post any ads for equipment you have, whether just listing them here, or posting links to ebay, gumtree,etc.

All the best, Mike.
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Sorry to hear that.
It can be a beast to conquer the marine aquarium, and work wonderfully too, but when it doesn't it can drag you down (I have first hand experience which is why I left mine fallow for over 10 years, prompting the Doris to plead with me to take it off the wall, after all, a 5 1/2 foot aquarium with just rocks in it and no lighting is an eyesore)
I just rejuvenated it out of bloody mindedness. It was make or break for me, and I'm getting better but not out of the woods.
I fully empathise.



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Thanks all, I had issues with cyano and gha which I was just getting on top of but then the front seal started failing so I needed to either close or try and get a new tank.

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