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I used to get my oil from Certas,thinking I might save a bob or two I tried Boiler Juice. The reviews looked reasonable,so I put in a couple of orders.
Jan 5th having 500 litres in my 1100 litre tank I put in an order for another 500 thinking that was plenty of time. Delivery date was further in the future than normal,but hey its January...I always get a call so I can take the padlock off ,but no ring till you get cut message but you get no answer....
Whats going wrong? I looked on the popular review sites,and lo and behold they seem to be letting everyone down,no contact,no explanation....and no friggin oil...

So just a heads up to any of you using oil and possibly thinking of using this company,all I can say is I wont be going back to them.


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Same goes for Metrofone on U-switch ( I ordered a phone from them with a contract 6 days later no phone despite them saying it was in stock)


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Its a nightmare having to paw over various sellers , things have got worse since Covid. I ordered a lot of plants ,bedding and veg last year,all listed in stock...they wait till the last moment then tell you they cant forfil  the order ,and its too late to start stuff from seed...Apple Trees in limbo between here and Austria ....

Still fortunatly and thanks to the company who Boiler Juice contracted to deliver my oil ,I phoned them direct, my oil is coming tomorrow. The lady I spoke to went above and beyond ,so it will be to them I will go to for my next Kerosene purchase.


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