Always shop around!

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Got my home insurance renewal notice yesterday.
Wasn't going to bother shopping around as my provider had been the cheapest by miles last year and couldn't really be bothered with the comparison sites and the inevitable deluge of unwanted emails afterwards. So I had a look on the Direct one just out of interest, thinking they'd be loads more.
Anyway, surprisingly they weren't and the quote was almost £70 cheaper!
So then I rang my provider and questioned the price hike and in order to keep me as a customer they all but matched it take a few quid which wasn't worth the hassle of changing to save.
So in the end I got the same cover with a reduced 'voluntary excess' to zero for £67 less than their renewal price.

The moral of this story is always shop around and don't take it for granted that just because they WERE the cheapest doesn't mean they still are.

It seems once they have you they think they can take the p


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I always do  :grin:


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Similar to the sky thread.

I was paying nearly £100 per month and after seeing how much less everyone else is paying, I priced up what I get from Sky, with BT and the called Sky to "cancel". They pretty much matched the price too and gave me extra services.

Was still a bit cheaper with BT but their TV box is a bit pants I think (I have the 2TB Sky+HD) and certainly not worth the switch.
towards the running costs of ReefBase


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