A few tangs here....

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A few tangs in this tank......

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Wow, yeah loads. It's cool seeing how they all kind of live in harmony in those kind of numbers, as even though they probably squabble, there's safety in numbers.

Lovely copperband, one of my very favourite fish.

I know that feeling of elation when you trap the fish you've been after. It's similar to getting a bite when fishing, only stronger, as you've been seeing "beneath" all along.
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Now thats interesting ,ive got an Aqua Medic fish trap ive never used as its too big to rest on the sand, the Tunze magnet is something id never have thought of !!

On the subject of Tangs , do you think theres a number where they see themselves as a school , and below that as enemys/competition?  Space must also come into it , but in realy big numbers there does not seem to be problems ,or maybe we just dont see them?
Do not mock the snake because it has no horns.For who is to say that one day it may become a dragon,as one just man may become an army...Water Margin.


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