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[BAD] Sundial snail 🐌

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Common Name Sundial snails
Scientific ID Family Architectonicidae
Good/Bad Bad

The sundial snail can grow to around 1/2" in diameter , the shell coils forming a flattened disc-shape with a flat base. This shape allows the snails to burrow through sand . There are several colours and patterns to the different snails , with the variegated , clear and partridge sundials probably being most commonly found as hitchhikers .
They feed on sea anemones, corals and zoanthids. The mouth region is lined with a tough cuticle as a protection against stings of their prey.
The snails are simultaneous hermaphrodites , each having both male and female reproductive organs .  They lay lots of eggs that are laid in capsules and embedded in a jelly anchored to the substrate , hatching as planktonic larvae .
They are generally removed by hand or by dipping of the hosted zoa colony .



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