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Common Name Pyramid Snail
Scientific ID Family Pyramidellidae
Good/Bad Bad

Pyramid Snails are generally white in colour which have a slender shell that tapers to a point and dont grow any bigger than a few millimeters . The Pyramid Snails use their long proboscis , which is a tube-like mouth to puncture the mantle of  Tridacna Clams in order to feed upon their fluids and zooxanthellae . The snails reproduce every 90 to 120 days and if left to multiply can cause serious harm or death to their host in a very short time.
Pyramid Snails feed mostly during the night . During the daytime they remain either at the base of the clam , or within the scutes of the shell where they are difficult to spot .
It is best to remove the clam to a separate container of saltwater and physically remove the adult snails and brush the entire shell with a toothbrush in to remove any eggs .
Predators of Pyramid snails are Six and Eight Lined Wrasses and Green Wrasse.


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