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Common Name Bobbit worm
Scientific ID Eunice Aphroditois
Good/Bad Bad

The Bobbit worm is an predatory polychaete worm that lives on the ocean floor. It is an ambush predator that buries its body into the substrate where it waits for its prey to touch one of its five antennae , attacking when it senses prey . It has very sharp teeth and is known to attack with such speed that its prey is sometimes sliced in half . They inject a toxin into their prey, which stuns or kills it so that prey much larger than the worm itself can be eaten . They are rarely found but can hitch hike into aquariums when small in liverock .


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This is what they looked like in my tank:

Also I think they are more common that people know. I have found them on three occasions  now.  First in live rock, second in a piece of rock that a frag was attached to from a store, thirdly in a frag given to me by a reefer.  If you see holes in your rock, dip it in freshwater for a few hours (seriously, that is how long it takes for them to come out).
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