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[BAD] Bubble Algaes

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Common Name Bubble Algae , Sailer's Eyeballs
Scientific ID Ventricaria ventricosa : grows to around 1" , clusters & singles
                                 Valonia macrophysa : smaller clustered elongated bubble algae
                                 Boergesenia : clustered but less dense in population with elongated bubble shape
                                 Dictosphaeria ocellata : smaller grouped with slimey appearance lighter green
                                 Dictosphaeria cavernosa : encrusting growth forms with pitted bubbles
Good/Bad Bad

Bubble shaped algaes that can easily spread throughout Rockwork which can be problematic to get rid of as some require very little nutriants . It can be removed by gently levering out of position but must be kept whole as it can release spores when burst which will grow more algae .
Natural predators include Emerald crab , rabbit fish and some tangs which can be a hit or a miss .

More images here


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Emerald crabs are very hit and miss and you will need a fair few as they are slow workers. Yellow tangs, algae blennies etc won't touch it. Rabbit fish do sometimes eat it  :glad:


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