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Beginners Questions / Re: skimmer
« Last post by Paddone on Today at 6:23:54 pm »
No bubbles means its not working properly. Probably a setup error, best to say what make/model it is and maybe add a picture of it.
Beginners Questions / skimmer
« Last post by Paul Buckley on Today at 6:18:40 pm »
Here's a reall newbie question for you.  :grin:
How can I tell if my protien skimmer is working?

It is a hang on unit. It is taking water up and returning it to the tank ok. I can see the water moving inside it, but there are no bubbles.

Thanks in advance.
Members Tanks / Re: Pauls tank2017
« Last post by Asco1104 on Today at 5:05:26 pm »
Sounds like it to me if your feeding the tank and showing 0 ammonia and nitrate for a few days then your good to go

Beginners Questions / Re: Fish jumping out tank
« Last post by HK_Fuey on Today at 5:04:27 pm »
Agreed.  They can shoot off on a reef, over rocks, up the wall, over the top of the ledge, etc.  In our tanks, they run out of space, shoot up the wall/corner, and end up jumping out.
Members Tanks / Re: Gav's Aqua Oak
« Last post by Gav on Today at 4:35:12 pm »
Further update , the yellow tang has now settled and not getting any further bother from the purple tang , its almost bordering on the complete opposite now , all friendly swimming around grazing on the rocks .
Quite pleased , just need to get it into better condition with some good feeding .
Also got a nice rainbow Acan head , it arrived couple of days ago , first mail order coral , I've just removed it from its plug and attached it to a rock today . Will take a pic once it resettles .
General Reef Discussions / Re: worth a view
« Last post by chilliman on Today at 12:39:51 pm »
umm are people still sucking  :tongue-love: these days , i did mine 1st water change on my new tank 350L the other day it took me 15 mins to empty and refill by using and old return pump which cost me £10 and 3 Fermenting Buckets £30 and couple of metres of tubing £5 and it was quick and easy with no mess. no need for spending £100's
General Reef Discussions / Re: worth a view
« Last post by Mike on Today at 12:17:55 pm »
Poor guy, but that's not the dangers of water changes, it's the dangers of being an amateur at the suck start.  :heyyy:

You don't even need to put it in your mouth, just put the tube further into the water, block the end, then pull it over the edge.  :glad:
Members Tanks / Pauls tank2017
« Last post by troutflier on Today at 11:46:08 am »
Tank set up and running 7 days, 440 liters of R/O in tank and sump,36 kilo of rock seeded with 3 kilo of living rock and live sand. Sump, filter sock, sponges, strata rubble bag in first chamber. Then skimmer chamber with bubble trap. Then a split chamber, refugium with live sand, live rock, and chaeto. Around which flows a chamber divided into three parts, bio balls, chemical , and ceramic balls. Last chamber is heaters and pump.
Tank was seeded with krill  and gave an ammonia spike of .4, 2 days and nitrite, nitrate and ammonia all read 0. Re seeded with feed tablets same results
Tank running at 1.25 salinity, 25.5 c , lighting 10 hrs per day, sump 12 hrs per night. Live rock thriving with fan worms showing.
? is the tank ready for clean up crew or even some hardy fish?
Introductions / Re: Marine newbie
« Last post by Paddone on Today at 11:39:39 am »
I've seen YouTube videos show T5 can outperform all but the best LED options but the downside is the tubes need replacing frequently (they loose par as they age) and they aren't programmable the way LEDs are.
Introductions / Re: Marine newbie
« Last post by Asco1104 on Today at 11:36:32 am »
Welcome to the forum Paul

Out of choice most would choose t5 for growing corals but the cost of the bulbs and running them put people of a go for leds. If you keep the bulbs changed out at the right time you will be ok.

I guess you know but just incase, remember to keep the tank feed to keep the bacteria population up.

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