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Introductions / So.. Week 2 new reef tank
« Last post by Jo_lo1978 on Today at 12:18:48 am »
Hi all,

Just set up my first marine tank. I went for the aquaone mini reef 130. Its a good looking tank, which was relatively easy to set up.
I got 10kg of live rock, a bag of live sand and filled it up with 125 litres of bought water, all from Romsey world of water.
Romsey world of water also sell ATM colony, and as i'm impatient this was the route i went down.
I picked up 2 clowns, 1 black, 1 orange and a watchman goby. The tank has been cycling now for 2 weeks. I was topping up with RODI water, but then topped up with treated tapwater.
I think this may have caused an green hair algae outbreak. So only RODI from now on.
Yesterday i picked up some CUC, turbo snails, pistol shrimp(hopefully he'll pair with my Goby) and a blue kneed hermit. My wife also got giddy, and we got a fox face rabbit fish.
Hermit has done a cracking job on the Algae, probably 50% gone in a day.

I'll post some pictures soon, but any advice is greatly received (I'm on holiday for a few days now and he in law is popping round to feed etc. so we'll see if they all make it)

Filtration / Re: Clarifying water - what are you using?
« Last post by ajm83 on Oct 21, 2018 6:02:01 pm »
Fitted the Eheim biopower internal filter and filled it with carbon. This is what i'm talking about with having no space  lol


18 hours after fitting the internal filter

Think that's a pretty good result.  Not exactly 'gin clear' but seems less yellow.
Introductions / Re: Noooobie.
« Last post by Robden on Oct 21, 2018 5:36:29 pm »
Hi fishface and thanks for the welcome.

I have two perc' clowns, a gold headed goby and a green Mandarin Dragonet and yes, it's a good eater. Mysis, brine shrimp and of course copepods...even tries pellets.
Cuc are banded trochus snails, couple of small hermits and a strawberry conch. In fact the Mandarin often "sits" on the conch and goes for a lurching ride........quite amusing to watch.
Introductions / Re: Beginner from n.ireland.
« Last post by fishface on Oct 21, 2018 5:12:20 pm »
Hi welcome
Introductions / Re: Noooobie.
« Last post by fishface on Oct 21, 2018 5:10:15 pm »
Hi welcome back to the reef world. How many fish do u intend to keep as u may need to use a skimmer but if u do weekly waterchange u will probably be OK. I run a redsea max 130 with the rear filter which I run biohome media, carbon, purigen and ati phos stop. Good luck and fire away with the questions there are a helpful bunch on here
Introductions / Noooobie.
« Last post by Robden on Oct 21, 2018 11:45:36 am »
Hi there!

I’ve been lurking for a while and as it seems to be a nice place, I thought I’d better join in.
I can’t add anything yet (I will when I can) but would appreciate some advice occasionally.

Anyway, a bit about myself.
I’ll start by saying that I’m an old f@rt. Back in the day when even God was a boy, I used to keep marines. !00 gallon tank with under gravels and clip-on power filters. Back then, a sump was something on the bottom of my Rover 2.0 TC that held the oil. Then, this new thing came out called a “Protein Skimmer.” Wasn’t needed so didn’t bother.

Moving on a few years, on returning from a holiday, we were greeted, when opening the front door, with about 75 gallons of water on the floor and only a couple of inches of cloudy water in the tank. A panicky phone call to the LFS (Wet Pets of Romford). They helped by housing the in-mates until I could get things sorted. All this and I only lost one fish (first and only lost fish). TBH I never did set up again…….life just got in the way.

A lifetime later, about seven months ago, I found myself in Drop-off aquatics in Cheshire and admiring the Red Sea Max Nano…… I got one…….as you do. Never managed to keep corals etc back in the dark ages. Maybe the equipment wasn’t up to it, or maybe it was a user problem.

That’s where I am at the moment. Tank is up and running with four of occupants, cuc, three corals and a few bits of macro algae. Will be getting more corals later 
Sorted the noisy return pump, dumped the protein skimmer and using biohome media in it's place.

Now it’s time for lunch.

Members Tanks / Re: Ady, s redsea max 130
« Last post by fishface on Oct 21, 2018 10:23:30 am »
Hi added a tiny jade wrasse yesterday he has been picking at the rocks already. The engineer gobies have settled in and tunneled everywhere
Introductions / Re: Beginner from n.ireland.
« Last post by Gav on Oct 21, 2018 8:26:59 am »
Hi @Cd18  , welcome to ReefBase
Introductions / Beginner from n.ireland.
« Last post by Cd18 on Oct 20, 2018 8:35:34 pm »
Hey guys, new to marine keeping so I’m here to learn as much as I can and try not to ask too many stupid questions:-) started of  about 3 months ago with 120l. Currently have 2 nemos:-) 2 cleaner shrimp, a turbo snail and a scater blemy. Also have a mushroom, leather and zoa and alll seem to be doing good:-)
General Reef Discussions / Re: Help Needed with Reverse Osmosis Unit
« Last post by jukeboxjury on Oct 20, 2018 10:19:25 am »
Thanks, much appreciated
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