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ID needed / Re: What's this?
« Last post by Hai on Today at 3:56:02 pm »
I think that’s Aiptasia, a pest
Beginners Questions / Re: Wavemaker advice
« Last post by karl91 on Today at 3:29:50 pm »
I would see if your fish are struggling to swim
General Marine Fish / Male Bird Mouth Wrasse
« Last post by Nottslad on Today at 2:06:18 pm »
Hi folks... I've got a pair of Bird Mouth Wrasse and have had them over a year and they are AWESOME fish and healthy as can be female is lovely and timid Male is more boisterous but lately he has developed lumps or nodules on his beak has anyone else ever seen this on their own fish and is it anything to worry about or is it normal for this to happen??
Any help would be GREATLY appreciated
ID needed / What's this?
« Last post by marshallsp1973 on Today at 1:59:05 pm »

I have spotted something on one of my Zoa frags I recently bought, and wondering if anyone can identify it.

Apologies for blurry photos,. But hopefully you can see it ok.

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Filtration / Re: New tank - looking for a skimmer
« Last post by fishface on Today at 11:06:48 am »
I would go with the 7 then you can stock heavier if u want
Introductions / Re: Hello New Here
« Last post by Duncindevon on Today at 9:06:05 am »
Hi phil
Welcome to the forum
Nice tank
There are lots of people who have a vast amount of experience here
Great to have you on board
Filtration / New tank - looking for a skimmer
« Last post by Matt_toynton on Jan 19, 2019 10:16:14 pm »
Hi everyone

Just upgrading to a Red Sea Reefer 425xl and looking at a skimmer to replace my Deltec HOB.

I think I’ve made my mind up on a entry - mid range skimmer and going with the Bubble magus Curve due to being cost effective and seem to have good reviews, have any of you had positive or negative experiences with these ?

Would you go with the Curve 5 or 7 on a 425 ?

Thanks again everyone

Beginners Questions / Water tests and Water Changes
« Last post by clairesteff on Jan 19, 2019 9:24:40 pm »
Hello All,

Just a bit of help please.
Since we started our tank our local fish man did all the testing of our water and advised us what to do with certain things..........
So We recently purchased our own water test kit, it is the Sera aqua test box. Me looking like a mad scientist did all the tests and got these results:
Nitrite - 0.0mg
Nitrate - 50mg (its kinda in-between 25mg and 50mg but more to the 50mg colour)
Phosphat - 1.0mg
Calcium - 400mg
pH - 8.5
KH - 14dKH
Ammonium - 0mg
Salt - 1.026
Temp - 77-78
ORP - 337

I Know some are a bit high and i have done a fresh sea water change, is there a recommended time to test the water after a water change? e.g. 24hrs or a few days?

Any advice? i was going to do another water change in 3 days

Beginners Questions / Re: Wavemaker advice
« Last post by Phil_Herbert on Jan 19, 2019 4:34:35 pm »
i put a wave maker into my 90L tank today, is it possible to have too much circulation if so how do you tell?
Introductions / Re: Hello New Here
« Last post by Phil_Herbert on Jan 19, 2019 4:17:04 pm »
Hello all,
My Name is Phil and i have had my marine tank for nearly a year.  i have a 90L tank with some corals and fish.
i have come on here to seek tips and advice
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