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Introductions / New to Reefbase
« Last post by jayk1e on Today at 4:37:02 pm »
Hi my name is Andrew and i am coming back to reefing after an absence of around 15 years.I see there have been a whole host of changes to the hobby since i last kept livestock lol.   I have just bought the EA reefpro  600s cube and in the process of setting up.  In terms of filtration i have the bubble magus curve 5 and just built a D.I.Y algae reactor and probables add some marine pure along the way as using the usual chemical suspects to polish the water. Lighting in the way of t5's.
 I would like some advice about the sump, i am seriously considering removing the top-up section of the sump so it gives me more space for equipment, and using alternative top-ups by a 25l container. Any views on this would be gratefully appreciated, thanks.
Introductions / Re: Hello! Looking for some advice
« Last post by HK_Fuey on Today at 10:46:55 am »
The other thing recommended today by the more helpful LFS was an external UV filter. Apparently it makes things like this much much less likely to happen. And it around the cost of two fish (£85) it certainly seems like it could be a solid investment. Does anyone use one?
I wouldn't bother. All the research I did said you need a commercial grade UV and it has to be run at the correct speed to work. That's not realistic for home aquariums. Ozone is a better solution, but dangerous (so read up first), or simply QT them, and prophylactically treat them.
Introductions / Re: Hello! Looking for some advice
« Last post by ajm83 on Today at 9:39:20 am »
Yeah, you need slow flow through the UV and a lot of power.

What fish do you have left in the tank @jproberts8  ?

Best solution would be to quarantine the fish you have left in a temporary hospital tank (I use plastic storage containers for this), treat them with either copper or chloroquin phosphate ( @HK_Fuey  has a great guide for this posted on the forum), might as well worm them as well at the same time.   Meanwhile you'd keep the main tank empty, and the ich or velvet will die off without a host to complete its life cycle.

Trouble is, if you have big fish,  that's going to be pretty tricky to do because they need to be out of the main tank for 8-10 weeks and they'll need decent sized hospital tanks...
Beginners Questions / Re: Tank drilling hole locations
« Last post by ajm83 on Today at 9:23:19 am »
Nice one, massively envious of the 3D printer!
Beginners Questions / Re: Tank drilling hole locations
« Last post by fr499y on Today at 8:52:03 am »
Wanted / Rock For Competition
« Last post by PeterboroughPuffer on Today at 7:23:58 am »
Hey everyone,

My friend and I are having a competition between eachother to creat the best 24l tank possible for £100 (excluding tank cost)

I know for a fact he is going to do a tropical tank, so id like to push it and create a pico reef.

The only problem is i need some dry/live rock for literal pence so if anyone has anything they would be willing to sell to me for very little it would be a great help and I know i reef could win this ;)
For sale / Re: Red Sea Reefer Nano + Kessil A160WE
« Last post by NeoReefer on Dec 9, 2018 10:56:36 pm »
How much for the tank ?

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Beginners Questions / Re: Juwel sea skim
« Last post by Ben345 on Dec 9, 2018 8:57:58 pm »
Sorry I’m not ignorant but it looks like I red flagged you guys trying to reply to your responses lol  lol
I’ve finally just realised how to reply to these posts
I ended up buying a new pump and all looks good at the minute thanks
Lighting / Re: Can’t conect to LEDzeal app
« Last post by Ben345 on Dec 9, 2018 8:54:19 pm »
I have but there not replying!!
Just had the person around who I bought it off and for over an hour we tried but it seems to be connected to his google account in some way!
ReefBase Lounge / Re: Donation
« Last post by Mike on Dec 9, 2018 6:44:04 pm »
Thank you @stevec for your donation from Coral Cultivations.  :glad:
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