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Members Tanks / Re: Gav's Aqua Oak
« Last post by Gav on Today at 12:44:57 pm »
I've started my pipework mods today to add two valved tee's which I can hook up to reactors off my UV circuit  , hopefully I've got the connections in the right place and it will go back in my cupboard .......
Beginners Questions / Re: Please help, stuff in my tank is dying!
« Last post by mo0kster on Today at 11:15:38 am »
Pics of the tank this morning.   

Sorry about the bad photos, they're from a phone with a dodgy camera.
Beginners Questions / Re: Please help, stuff in my tank is dying!
« Last post by mo0kster on Today at 11:13:40 am »
Pictures of the tank 2 days ago

Beginners Questions / Please help, stuff in my tank is dying!
« Last post by mo0kster on Today at 10:41:21 am »
Hi to all. 
Yesterday I noticed a slight cloudiness in the water in my tank.  It's a Fluval Edge 46l with home  made sump.  The tank has been going since January with no major problems. 
I had to work a 15 hour day so when I got home the blue lights were on very low and I couldn't really see much.  I only noticed that the skimmer was producing much thicker foam than usual. It's a Kent nano.
When I got up this morning there were three turbo snails on the bottom of the tank looking pretty much finished, my zoas are all closed up and my acan is looking very sorry for itself.  Also my candy cane and mushroom are looking very unhappy.
The corals not looking too bad are:  clove polyps, button polyps, kenya tree and toadstool. 
Clownfish look ok and hermits are either in hiding or dead, cleaner shrimp looking pretty normal.
Water parameters are as normal
Nitrates around 10-15 (topic for another day, but not unusual for this tank)
Ammonia 0
Nitrites 0
PH 8.2

The only changes to the tank in the last few days are that I added a bag of Purigen that I previously used in a tropical tank.  It had been recharged and dechlorinated.
Needless to say that's out of the tank. 

I'm planning on a couple of pretty big water changes over the next couple of days, is this a good idea?

Sorry for the long post, but I wanted to get as much info in as  possible. 

Please please help me with all your superior knowledge, I love my tank and don't like the idea of things in my care dying unnecessarily.

I'll add pics as soon as I can get them taken and uploaded.
Members Tanks / Re: Paddy's first marine tank
« Last post by Paddone on Today at 8:25:59 am »
Pukani is proving hard to find from a UK retailer, the only rock I've found was on eBay which I'm a bit nervous of. I think I may have to use other rock. Im in no hurry. I like the idea of watching and waiting as the tank develops.

I would like to go coral heavy and only lightly stock the tank with fish and inverts. Do I have to adjust the initial setup for this in any way for this e.g. what sump setup, sand used etc?

Thanks for all the info so far!
ID needed / Re: Hydroid?
« Last post by Russell on Today at 2:23:02 am »
Well,  I don't think it was aiptasia as it appears the base was stony.  Perhaps some kind of coral maybe?   Anywho, I put kalk paste on it and it's friend and the tentacles are gone.  However, sadly some kalk paste fell onto one of the new heads of my Duncan coral and burnt a few tentacles off!  The Duncan seems fine though and hopefully the head will regenerate the missing bits.  I have 4 other heads growing and the head that was damaged is opening so think all is fine.   Lesson:  be careful with kalk!

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ID needed / Re: Jelly/Spongy looking growth under rock
« Last post by HK_Fuey on Today at 12:05:23 am »
Changed my mind and took it out
Chicken!  lol
Members Tanks / Re: Paddy's first marine tank
« Last post by HK_Fuey on Today at 12:03:11 am »
Just add a bit of a frozen prawn to give the tank food to break down.  OR some flake food, or frozen fish food.  You're aiming to breed enough bacteria that when you add fish, and feed them, the bacteria can deal with that level of waste, without creating an ammonia spike.

Live rock comes with the benefits of lots of critters.  Fake rock (Life Rock, Real Reef Rock, etc.) has the benefit of no nasties.  Pros and cons of both.  I've always liked live rock, as I like as much fauna as possible.
Beginners Questions / Re: Algae or coralline?
« Last post by damienpbuckley on Jun 28, 2017 11:43:18 pm »
If it's growing on the snails I'd say it's coralline

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Beginners Questions / Re: Algae or coralline?
« Last post by Debbiem on Jun 28, 2017 10:41:21 pm »
Hi Tim - no the stuff that's on the snail!  I'll try and get some better pics tomorrow when lights on
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