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Beginners Questions / DIY Aquaroche
« Last post by seancr1 on Today at 9:28:52 pm »
Well has anyone ever did this themselves? If so any pointers would be great ie ingredients, stockists etc etc and of course the main one PROCESS how to’s etc

Thanks in advance guys

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Chemistry / Re: Phosphate test kits
« Last post by Asco1104 on Today at 8:39:41 pm »
I had no luck with Red Sea, salifert or nyos so got a Hannah phosphate, I should have got a phosphorus one but I didn’t
The Hannah has been the best but has been reading zero and my icp shows 0.03ppm.

I go by the icp now as I have gha in places so upped changing my phosphate media.

Chemistry / Re: Phosphate test kits
« Last post by The land shark on Today at 8:20:56 pm »
im getting 0 on Salifert even though I know there is.
I have been thinking about getting a new po4 kit but to be perfectly honest i dont take much notice of it. 🤔
Beginners Questions / Re: Nitrate high
« Last post by chilliman on Today at 7:42:18 pm »
my guess is that you still got sponge in your Hydra 1000 canister filter ? this would be a nitrate factory in the making.when you do your water changes do you rinse the sponges out at the same time ?
up your water change to 20-25% a week and 35-40 % on the last week of the month, just feed frozen once a day but also rinse the frozen in ro water.and your coral food cut it down to half once a week
Chemistry / Phosphate test kits
« Last post by ajm83 on Today at 7:37:39 pm »
I accidentally dropped a load of reefroids in my tank the other week,  and tested later with the Salifert thinking it would be too high for the Elos or Hanna to work with.  But it gave me zero!

So I took a cup of water and tested with all three types I have with it and sent a sample off to ATI ICP.

Salifert (box 1, expires Jan '19 doubled reagents): 0 ppm
Salifert (box 2, expires Mar '20 doubled reagents): 0 ppm
Elos HR: 0.09 - 0.14 ppm
Hanna phosphorous: 200 flashing=over 0.6  ppm (!!!)
ATI ICP: 0.7 ppm (!!!!)

Over the next two weeks, I could see PO4 drop gradually back to normal in all except the Salifert which stayed at zero the entire time.

Does anybody ever get a reading on it?

How good is the RedSea kit?

Members Tanks / Re: Andys 52L sea evo
« Last post by afcajax73 on Today at 3:08:34 pm »
Ahhhh! Cheers guys, I have been adding Copepods and got
Some frozen food to add, but might well have to take him back  :damn:
Members Tanks / Re: Andys 52L sea evo
« Last post by fr499y on Today at 2:41:52 pm »
Personally i would take the scooter back. They are always out eating and WILL clean a tank out in no time. I was adding roughly 5 bags of pods every week to try and keep up the population in my 4 foot tank!
Members Tanks / Re: Andys 52L sea evo
« Last post by Hai on Today at 2:35:57 pm »
"Feeding scooter blennies is the only difficult part of ownership. Scooter blennies are slow hunters whose diet consists of copepods and amphipods, nearly microscopic crustaceans that live in live rock and macro algae. 'Pods' will repopulate themselves if given enough space and time, however this requires large tanks, the use of refugiums or adding more pods frequently. This means if no target feeding is done each mandarin/scooter blenny will need a 50 gallon with sump set up or 100 gallon tank. Blennies in smaller tanks will quickly wipe out the entire pod population. Blennies are also able to eat small invertebrates such as new born snails and crabs." - (Full link below).
Beginners Questions / Re: Nitrate high
« Last post by smifs_reef on Today at 2:33:44 pm »
May be worth not feeding the liquid food every day and do it once a week. They won't require it everyday I wouldn't think. I barely feed mine once a week

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Members Tanks / Re: Andys 52L sea evo
« Last post by afcajax73 on Today at 2:14:01 pm »
Really? Why so?
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