What's the best powerhead on the market?

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What do you think is the best powerhead on the market for the money, and why?  Reliability, profile, noise, power, functionality, value for money, etc.
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I use hydor Koralia's (3rd Gen) , I don't think much of them for the price and slow down with the slightest bit of nori through the impeller , the controller is pretty basic compared to most available now .
I've been looking at the new aquamedic eco drift 8.1 , apparently a beefed up version of one of the jebao heads .



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I have the aquamedic ecodrift and I'm very happy with it.

It's a truly DC pump with an impeller not propeller so can ramp up and down for wave maker settings and should not burnout from repetitive on and off for varied flow.

It's quiet on constant and on off but I notice it a little when it ramps up and down.

20,40,60,80,100% power output control.
Night mode (constant lower flow to rest fish).
Feed (10min cut out before restart).
Ramp, stop start, constant flow rate or random rotation of all of these as functions. All with choise of fast to slow changes/peaks.

It has 160 degree rotation on a cradle and more adjustability by twisting it around while held by the magnet. Magnet has good strong grip.

It was between vortech and aquamedic for me and I just couldn't see the 4x price hike of vortech over aquamedic personally.


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