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RW15 Wavemaker

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Hi all
I need some help with this wavemaker. I have a juwel 240 tank and I have the wavemaker at its lowest at 1200 lph setting yet it seems to be way to powerful for my tank. I have 2 further 4000 lph wave makers in the tank set to their maximum and they are fine. Is there anything I can do to make this slower?

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Point it at the rocks to disperse the flow. 
Did it come with a variable power supply?  Or, is there an option to buy one, in which case you could get one and turn the power down. 
Put it on a wave mode, as it'll then only be on the highest flow for part of the time. 
Put some netting over it to reduce flow (side benefit to protecting it against a nem or other things getting stuck in it).
Swap it with someone for a smaller model.
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