Quiet Powerheads for Reefer 350

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Morning all! Happy new year!

I'm at the point where I'm researching powerheads and was wondering what people would suggest for a RSR 350. The display tank holds about 275 litres of water so i think i need up to about 14000lph.

I'm on a budget so Vortechs are out of the picture, unless someone can convince me (good luck!). I recoiled the first time i saw the price.
I'm also after something that's as quiet as possible. I've chosen all my equipment with noise in mind. Its going to be in the living room so it needs to be as quiet as possible.

This is the one I've got in mind....

2x Hydor Koralia 3G 7000 with wave controller for £200

Any suggestions/comments?

Thanks in advance


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Hi Radiation91 , HAPPY NEW YEAR , I run a pair of koralia 3g 7000's , I don't rate them very highly , they slow down considerably when feeding with bits of food mainly seaweed sheets,  stuck into the blades of the propeller . They can also be a bit persnickety starting each time off the wave controller once aged . On the plus side they do have a good wide angle of flow . I've recently added a pair of  aqua medic ecodrift heads and am still to pick up a master controller , they are an upgraded version of the jebao power heads , and so far have been running very well , the flow is a bit more direct  in comparison and the flow options on the controller that comes with are pretty good there's even a photocell that turns down the pumps speed when the lights go off .


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Hi Gav. Thanks for your help! I've had a read of Vortec Powerhead threads on other forums and I'm kind of considering them... you've given me a much needed diversion! :)

 *scuttles off to research aqua medic ecodrift*


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