Maxspect Gyre XF330 OGC Mode

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Is anybody aware of the best mode to run a single Gyre pump. Just bought the XF330. On another note if this works well I will be selling my pair of Koralia 3200 plus controller if anyone would be interested. Only used for 2 months!!


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I'd have it on constant,  and adjust the power to suit your corals
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I have it set to the LTC programme at present. Which cycles the pump in the single direction. I have a smaller tank as described in the first paragraph which is slightly more difficult to reduce and control overall speed which will drive turbulence as friction are encountered. The max rate I have it at is 40% dropping to 10%. It appears to building mass flow for a decent period without sloshing the tank over the side, the other corals appears to be thriving but the pulsing Xenia isn’t reacting to well it has shrunken up with tentacles looking thinned. May require a move but the system has only been running for a week.


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