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Well folks, tank set up in April. Caribsea life rock, caribsea Fiji pink live sand and Caribsea Sea Pure, cycled for six weeks until the bacteria were proven to be working hard. Almost 100% water change again using Caribsea Sea Pure parameters checked and rechecked, then a clean up crew of Turbo and nassarius snails introduced, 1 x scarlet Hermit, 1 x green Emerald crab and 1 x Ricordea Yuma Mushroom frag.

All settled nicely CUC doing a splendid job, Yuma seems very happy and appears to be doing strange things as in photos, any ideas folks? scarlet hermit has shed and appears fine, gave me a fright first thing this morning though.

Very pleased with this little tank looks pleasing on the eye and appears to be doing its job nicely the only additional kit added is 1 x jeboa sw-2 wavemaker and controller and a digital max min thermometer.

Apologies for the photos being at the wrong angles , I cant appear to change this no matter how I try. Any advice on this would be gratefully appreciated to save sore necks  :lol:


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Looks great. What's 'funny' about the mushroom? The extended base? Could be it's it high flow forcing it up and back over that rock?
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Thanks for your kind comments HK, that's very much appreciated, it was the extended leg holding onto a piece of rock which appears to have some form of life attached, not sure what it may be but the Yuma has now released it and whatever it is, is growing daily, not sure if its good or bad  :umhum:


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Hey Mark.
Are you keeping a check on your SG level? Doing your RO top up. Just asking as theres a small gap at the water level ; )

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