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Hi Guys im back!

As the title says I have a new tank! I doubt anyone can remember but I was briefly on here a few years ago but had to get rid of my tank :( so I'm not completely new to saltwater but have been out of it for quite a while!

I did keep a small freshwater tank on though over the last few years and finally decided to hop back into a small saltwater tank so here is the new addition to my home!

Fluval Sea Evo 52l
PS2 Mini Protein Skimmer
10lb Caribsea Fiji Pink
about 15lb of Caribsea Life Rock

I was looking at the InTank media basket but couldn't bring my self to spend 45 quid on it so I have a sheet of acrylic on the way to make my own :P, what would people recommend running as filter media?

Any pointers or advice are more than welcome as I get back into this side of the hobby!


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So the new tank is now cycled and just put in the first new inhabitant from my new favourite shop! I present... Pablo!


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Hi. I remember you @Joe.  Good to have you back.

Phosphate media is probably the most commonly added. I like phosguard, as the pellets are easier to rinse and change than RowaPhos.
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