My Reefer 350

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Hi everyone hope you all had a great xmas and a Happy new year to you all. As title says now 14 weeks up and running,have 3 yellow tangs,2 perc clowns,regal tang and 4 cleaner shrimps 2 of them can be seen upside down under the R/H arch.  Have 5 softies all doing well,growth and condition has been great. Wasn't impressed with the atu size on my sump so have dispensed of it and have a 5 gallon container running thru my dosing pump. Have chaeto,bacteria plate and bio pellet reactor in the sump and is working very well,only having to clean tank glass once a week. Am using Red sea coral pro salt and am dosing red sea calcium+ also. Feeding softies with Reef roids twice a week.
Equipment wise i have also bought another xf230 gyre and connected it to the controller and run them both in the Lunar Tide Cycle(LTC) mode, which alternates between the two gyres at 10% then 20% (gyre one runs at 10% for 5sec and gyre two at 20% for the same time then they run vice versa and so on for a 24hr cycle. As mentioned in other posts these are powerful so on my 4 footer 10% and 20% is plenty.
Been tinkering with my Hydras and setting up different schedules,also sorting out best turnover from return pump to tank, missus can't understand why i tinker so much she's of the(if it ain,t broken) mantra.
Alll water parameters are good and will be adding some zoas, a bubble tip anenome, and some mushrooms next week after a run thru to Team valley and A.M Aquatics who have been a great help.
Also on shopping list is a coral goby and something to sift my sand.


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They're the only shop I use now.  Really nice guys.

Tanks setup sounds good.  The atu working through a dosing pump is odd.  You want it to vary depending on how much evaporation you get.  You need it working on a sensor.  Otherwise, you could have too much, or too little RO being added.


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Liking it! Consider me jealous! :)

How are you finding the pair of xf230s with regards to sound?

Keep us updated (there's no such thing as too many pictures!)


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Thanks for the replies, Graeme currently topping up 2 litres per day and doing a water change every 2 weeks,not noticed any changes to water levels but am aware it will change as weather gets warmer. 5 gallons of RO lasting approx 9-10 days. Always check in sump daily so will get an idea when a change is required. Cleaning out skimmer approx every 3-4 days.
Radiation91,no discernable noise from Gyres as they are only running at 10% and 20% of capacity. Surface water movement is impressive even on those settings.
Will do a small video next few days and post for you to see.