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Marty's Reef Tank

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My clowns don't get a look in on my nem thanks to the porcelain crabs

Shain Hunton

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Great to see my old clowns reunited with their nem.



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This may come as a shock to some but this log will be coming to an end as the marine tank has been sold tonight and will be going in around 2 weeks time.

I'll still be about the forum but what with getting back into oval racing and my time will be very limited and it would only end up being detrimental to the tank so it is going to some experienced reef keepers who can hopefully take everything on it's next journey.

Thanks to everyone who has commented and been on this journey with me in this log I have had some ups and downs along the way and have gained a lot of experience and knowledge along the way and also met some people through the forum who I can call friends.

The reality of it going is hard as it's been a big part of me but I know it's for the best for livestock in there

You will have to follow my racing car builds and racing adventures instead I'll start a log for that hopefully will not have as many issues along the way hahahaha

Once again thanks everyone


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Really going to miss your tank updates.  Always something interesting going on.

Will be watching the car build with interest.  Never done anything like that before. Expect some video footage racing when you get that far :glad:



  • Tim
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I bet you will be sad to see it go but sounds like you have made the right choice for the livestock



  • Andy
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Sad to see this as yours was one of the tanks that got me interested in reefing.  Followed it for a long while on before I knew about RB.

Anyways it sounds like you're doing the right thing, and don't forget to get a tank thread going when the hobby sucks you back in again  :lol: