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Hows the Alk situation today?

Hey mate. It's 6.7 dkh and cal is 375 so we're finally getting somewhere!  Still not a clue why consumption has increased so much. Cal used to be dead stable at 18ml a day,  now I'm putting in 72ml a day and it's only climbing very slowly.

The other weird thing is the water keeps going yellow. No matter how much carbon I put in,  a couple of days later it's yellow again. Not sure if it's algae or what.  It almost seems to be going through the cycle/uglies again,  but no sign of ammonia.

Anyway my house is 99% finished so we are moving back in on Friday,  and the new tank should be arriving this weekend (fingers crossed H2O Aquatics don't let me down...)  can't wait now!   8D

Just need to break the news to my mum gently that the 85L will be staying at her house a little longer while I cycle the new one!


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