Yellow Watchman Goby Lip Damage?

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Hi guys,

Wonder if anyone could shed some light on my yellow watchman goby.
I introduced him about 2 months ago and pretty much immediately had to travel away with work (unplanned!) leaving the tank without great attention. I basically didnt see him after introduction and when I got back still no sign - I honestly thought he was dead :(

Have been struggling with a cyno bloom since I got back which I now have under control. As a result the Goby will now happily come out of the shelter of the rock, was a good day when I saw the little yellow flash!

However, I've noticed that his lips look very damaged and discoloured, at first it looked like he had sand in his mouth, but its not that. Im still pretty new to the hobby and fortunately havent experienced any kind of disease, so i dont really know what im looking for.

He is eating fine and seems pretty active (for a goby), but is this something more serious I need to worry about?

I have attached a couple of pics t otry and show his ailment, any info is much appreciated.



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It looks like pretty large grain substrate.  Gobies are really best suited to fine substrates, like fine sand.  It could be that?
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I don't think it's a disease, it looks more like an injury but this is just my opinion.
I had a similar thing on my Mandarin. left it alone and it cleared up in a week or so. BUT keep an eye on it and look for any sort of fungus around the injured area and see if it keeps eating.
A friend of mine had a fish with a damaged mouth.....couldn't close it properly, but lived for many years.
Good luck.


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