Wrasse acting weird

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Came down this morning and noticed both my wrasses acting strange.
Swimming around and then suddenly twisting and changing direction. At first I thought they were having a scrap but I noticed the Laboutes kinda scratching himself against the rocks a few times.
Outwardly they both look absolutely fine and of normal coloured appearance. No sign of any injuries or white spot or anything.

Now as most of you will know my tank crashed a while ago and these, along with 1 banghai cardinal fish and 1 algae  Blenny were the only survivors, although the Blenny has been MIA for a while.
For a while now I have had the tank in relative darkness with only my old TL 450 hood lighting (2x 18w blue/white tubes) at one end.
It's been good for the tank to be dimly lit for a while as all but a small patch of GHA has gone as well as the Cyanobacteria since my recent massive water changes (around 50%).
So the tank is fairly clean and the parameters all ok. My nitrates are still a little high at around 10. Double checked for ammonia this morning and all clear.

So I'm at a loss to explain why the wrasses are behaving strangely. Do you think this could be some sort of infection or a parasite?
I have my small Boyu tank in the garage and I've had a couple of sponge filters seeding in my sump for a while.

Would you recommend I just fill up the Boyu with water from my display and throw the sponges in there with a power head and try to catch my fish and treat them....or am I best leaving them be and just keeping an eye on them?


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My cleaner wrass and mystery does it however I know there is spot in my tank and only the gold rim and foxface ever show it the rest of the tangs remain not effected.

Is it possible as it crashed and is getting back on its feet that you have an explosion of pods and they was simply grabbing a snack as I've seen both my cleaner and mystery wrass doing that when I add a load of pods.


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I've been keeping an eye on them and they have not been doing it for a while.
I think it might be some sort of battle of wills as the gold flash has always been really reclusive due to the Laboutes chasing him all the time.
Just recently I've noticed the tables are turned and the gold flash has been chasing the Laboutes!

Oddly enough I don't seem to have many pods or anything although I do have an explosion of aips!  :scared:
They're bloody everywhere. Small ones at the rear of rocks and in places I'd never get to.
I was contemplating sticking a few aip eating filefish and some peps in whilst I've hardly any corals in there.
Need to start from fresh really so might even move the livestock into the Boyu and soak the rock in RO or something then recycle it.


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