Regal Tang Fin Damage

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Hello everybody

Can anybody please give me advice on my Regal Tang that seems to have suffered some fin damage.

I have had my marine tank running for 18 months, with very little problems. About a month ago I added a Regal Tang to my Tank roughly the size of a pound coin. There was an initial problem with the leader of a shoal of Domino Damsels(yes the worse mistake I have made) who constantly chased the poor Tang, but it has hung in there and seems quite happy now and content with a Clown and Valentini Puffer. He also regularly butts a big Niger Trigger who duly ignores it.

Sadly a couple of days ago, I noticed the Regal had suffered some tail fin damage, firstly one tiny white spot appeared on its tail, now two. The fish seems as happy as ever and doesn't seem to be suffering any ill affect.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated



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Little white spots could infact be whitespot this can be brought on by stress.

The domino in my opinion is more then likely the culprit for the fin nipping and causing stress to the Regal I would look at removing the Domino

Sean Andrew Coope

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Thank you for your reply

I bought some white spot treatment but I have been reluctant to treat as the white spot does just seem to be on the very tip of the tail.

I have considered getting rid of the five Dominoes, but even though they are moody buggers, they have thrived in my tank tripling in size to about 10cm.

I think the mistake I made was purchasing such a juvenile Regal.


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Pictures would help.  Hard to tell otherwise.
What are your water test results?
There are no proven reefsafe whitespot treatments, so hold off on that.  Let's work out what it is, and then we can help you work out what to do from there.



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