Dark blemish on Naso Tang

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Hi all

Sorry haven’t been able get a picture as he’s gone a bit shy and off his food. Noticed last night what appears to be a dark grey blemish around his belly ? He’s swimming ok but not eating, he’s usually a right pig and beats everything else to the food so somethings not ok. Could an RTBA sting cause this ? Far too big to be black spot all other fish are fine and eating OK. Will try and get a picture if he allows me to Naso still in Juevenile coloration.


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Naso tangs like a lot of fish can change their colours at will, depending on their mood. Mine used to be pale grey as usual, but then if it was startled, it'd go dark brown with white polka dots within seconds.

Yours is likely displaying a similar behaviour, it's down to its mood. So I'd focus on why it's gone off it's food.
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Thanks again

I think he got stung by an anemone the blemish went after a week or so and started eating again fine. It wasn’t the usual morph that the naso displays when exited just one patch that was always there almost like a bruise


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