All my fish died

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Hi everyone,

I am new to the reefing hobby, I've had my tank for about 3 months and everything was going great. I then got some coral frags from my local fish store and glued them in using Seachems reef glue. I woke up the next morning and 2/3 of my fish were dead and my wrasse was on its side breathing heavily and later died the next day. I reached out to my local fish store who gave my very little information and also Seachem who didnt reply to my email. I have done a large water change and added some charcoal to remove any chemicals. Im really hesitant to add any more fish. The strange thing is my corals and shrimp seem to be doing fine. One thing that my local fish shop said is I might of put too much glue in (i did use a bit but not loads) and that has stripped out the oxygen from the water. When I use the glue the water gets filled with long stringy fibres from the glue that float around my tank.

Id really appreciate people advice and opinions as to what happened and what i can do in the future to prevent this from happening again. Also any advice before i add anymore fish?


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It does sound like oxygen starvation to me. Corals and shrimp don’t need as much oxygen as fish, so that’d explain them being ok.

Sorry for your loss. I’d just avoid any glues. I’ve used milliput plenty in the past but only a bit at a time.
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Damn that's a shame.  :(
I've used Seachem's glue a lot with no problems so I'm quite surprised to read this.   Will be more careful in future.

One thing I do when I use it is to hold the frag upside down (glue side up) as it enters the water,  this helps the glue stay in place. (Turn the flow off as well)

One putty you can use in future is Epo, it doesn't use oxygen to cure.
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