Could my Nassarius Snail be breeding?

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Hi everyone,

Just found a couple of what look like tiny baby Nassarius snails. These photos have been taken with a macro zoom lens and the snails are about the size of a grain of sand. The pics aren't great but any thoughts?


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Could well be.  Keep an eye on them, as it's hard to ID them that small.  Nass snails definitely do breed in aquariums fairly regularly.



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You will notice the eggs, they spawn up the surface of the water in big groups,mine most if the time do this by the weirs,guess its a water flow thing? Thier tiny white dots laid in lines close together to form quite a big patch.

As Graeme says difficult to be sure,ive seen lots of what I take to be young but never seen them get any bigger so I cant be sure thats what im seeing.
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Thank you both! I only say Nassarius snails as that's the only type I have in the tank at the moment. I'll look out for the eggs and try to keep an eye on them!


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