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Hello to all at ReefBase

We at Mailordercorals have eventually got around to participating on this great forum.

Mailordercorals specialise in corals, fish and inverts and are based in Rosyth, Fife , Central Scotland.

We are a family run business and have been supplying reef keepers around the UK and Europe with marine livestock for the last ten years. We supply thousands of coral and inverts to all corners of the UK with our second to none overnight mail order service with our live arrival guarantee !
We also have many customers who visit us to view our stock and purchase on site. Our stock is housed in our coral and invert house at our home address which we have recently expanded and we actively encourage customers to visit us to view our stock for themselves and handpick their requirements.
We are extremely busy so we do need visitors to make appointments by telephone or email prior to visiting.
We always try to accommodate everyone as best we can and we are pretty flexible on appointments as we can normally be here 7 days a week.
We keep and propagate all types of coral and inverts and import from many sources around the globe and if we do not have it then please ask as most times we can source it, even those rare specimens. We have also recently started stocking marine fish and are expanding our species list weekly.
Coral frags are our speciality and we can have in excess of 3000 in stock at any given time. Clean up critters are always available and all these come at the best prices around. With one of the the largest selections in the country I am sure you will always find something different to add to your reef and you do not need to take my word for
it , get in touch to make an appointment and your more than welcome to come see for yourself. Scottish reef keepers can now source beautiful coral, inverts and fish closer to home.

Please feel free to contact us via email or telephone with any enquiries and / or for an appointment :

Tel : 01383 428590 ( office hours)

Email : sales@mailordercorals.com

Or use the contact section on our web page at :



You can visit our full website at :


Thank you for your time and we hope to hear from you soon.




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Welcome to ReefBase Gary!

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Welcome to the forum, think I'll be going for CUC top up next.
I should really sort this out!!


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Welcome to ReefBase UK @garym :)


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Hiya mate. Welcome along :)


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